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Plastering, Skimming & Dry Lining

When it comes to finishing the interior walls and ceiling of a building, ready for the final interior décor to be applied, there is a choice of two techniques: traditional wet plastering or the more modern alternative, dry lining.

Dry Lining can be used on internal walls, stud walls and ceilings – ideal for covering uneven surfaces and hiding loose wires and cables. Basically, it consists of cladding the surfaces with plasterboard. It’s extremely popular because it is quick to apply and allows for a layer of insulation to be added behind it.

Traditional plaster takes time to dry, but is the best solution for irregularly shaped rooms, or period properties. It also provides a stronger base for attaching wall-mounted fixtures like shelving, radiators, heavy paintings or even a TV set.

Skimming – the practice of applying a thin coating of plaster – can be used to rejuvenate either existing plaster on the walls, or to provide a smooth finish to dry-lined walls and ceilings.

Which method is used depends on a variety of factors, but one thing that is certain is that FB Finishes Ltd are masters of the trade whichever is chosen. We can also help you to make an informed decision as to whether dry lining or plastering is right for your specific property.

External Render for Property Protection

FB Finishes offer a full and comprehensive range of expert rendering services, so you are spoilt for choice if you’re a homeowner, architect, building contractor or developer who decides to render the outside of a building for aesthetic or practical reasons. Applying a visually appealing coating to the outside of a house or commercial building is a sure-fire way to ensure that the exterior walls are protected from the elements. It’s also a great solution for covering up imperfections and safeguarding failing brickwork, ensuring the walls will be preserved for years the come – and the bonus is it adds an extra layer of insulation to the building.

We’ve delighted dozens of happy clients over the years by choosing the right type of render to apply to their properties, giving them a new lease of life. You can choose from different types of render, including:

Basic cement render which can be pigmented or painted over

Durable, porous traditional lime render

Coloured silicone render systems

Acrylic render for water-resistance and flexibility

Perfect Floor Screeding

If you’re looking for a reliable firm in Wiltshire, Hampshire or Berkshire to lay a screed to the highest SR (Surface Regularity) finish rating – free of voids, hollows or any other imperfections – then look no further than FB Finishes Ltd.

We’re known across the region for our perfect screeds, laid to specification depth and with precise levels that extend across the floor and not just around the perimeters.

We lay concrete screeds on top of a carefully prepared base ready to receive floor finishes, to encase underfloor heating pipes, or to be left as a smooth, flawless wearing surface. We can pour screeds on insulation or damp proof membranes.

We can provide specialised liquid screed such as self-levelling, high strength Anhydrite and cement-based screed which cures very quickly, or hard-wearing granolithic screed for heavy duty areas.

Our screeders are the ultimate experts when it comes to preparation and pouring, and can advise on all aspects of appropriate screeding for your project.

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